Fundación Mano Amiga

Fundación Mano Amiga is an organization that promotes quality education and comprehensive training in values for children and young people with fewer opportunities.They do this through the Mano Amiga "Santa María" School. Currently, more than 500 students study every day to build a better future.

$1,278,300 raised to cover
6 annual scholarships

In order to sustain all their actions, they mainly carry out fundraising events and fundraising campaigns.. In 2022, we carried out the "Let's Value Education" campaign, which we thought of, planned and executed, achieving the proposed objectives. We raised $1,278,300, which was used to cover the scholarship for 6 children who needed it: Juan Ignacio, Matheo, Julieta, Rodrigo, Eluney and Agustín.

The campaign had to have a central axis, a backdrop that would unify the communication of the cause. To this end, we developed its own aesthetics and emblem, differentiating it from the Foundation's daily work. In this way, we achieved greater impact and recognition, while also allowing us to play more with the pieces produced. We focused on the children and their stories. Their dreams and desires. To make them come true, they need the help of many.

We proposed a micro-funding modality. Many low-cost donations,instead of a few donors contributing large sums. With that, we sought to reach a larger number of donors for this campaign who could then be contacted in the future to convert them into monthly donors. To find that minimum donation value, we matched the cost of a day at school. Thus, the donor could choose how many days they wanted to add to the education of one of the students.
This also allowed us to communicate reliably throughout the duration of the campaign how many days of education we needed to cover.

We wanted an easy, quick and proven way for a potential donor to give education the value it deserves. That's how we came up with the name of the campaign. Through different communications, we compared the value of a day of education with everyday products.

Professionalism, accompaniment, initiative, suggestions, dedication, creativity, taking on commitments as our own. Our communication grew exponentially and the results are palpable. One of the most satisfying experiences