Why do we exist?

We are born from a specific reality. Social and church organizations have the best product at the best price: free love for others. Their communication, many times, does not genuinely reflect the totality of the good they do. We work in order to change that.

How we do it


We immerse ourselves in the reality of the organization and its areas. We meet with the team regularly, we get to know their volunteers, we bond with the protagonists, we learn about their pain points. We suffer and rejoice together. We are not just a service agency.

Agencia Eremo comunicacion


From the beginning we wanted to focus entirely on the social and ecclesiastical sector. For 5 years we have been dedicating all our efforts to communicate the light of the organizations we accompany.


We want to do good, good. Based on a solid planning and using the latest tools and knowledge, we offer an integral solution of quality in communication.

Agencia Eremo comunicacion


We recognize that each project we support exists because it responds to its specific mission, whether large or small. We adapt to this reality with customized solutions.

Our team

Francisco Oliden

Founder and CEO

Catalina Miano

Founder and project coordinator

Matías G. Zapiola

Graphic designer

Sol Menne

Audiovisual Designer

Candelaria Blasco

Graphic designer

Damasia Moyano

Web designer

Sofía Coelho

Project Assistant

Juan Manuel Ruiz

Project Manager

Camila López Berse

Project Assistant

Abril Cobos

Graphic designer