branding Agencia Eremo servicios


We build brands with meaning, covering the different points of contact with the same personality, values, tone and spirit, to achieve a unique experience.

diseño web Agencia Eremo servicios

Web design

From planning, through copy and content, to design and implementation. We design the entire site to respond to your specific objectives, whether it's to show your mission, attracting donors or reaching out to new volunteers.

social media Agencia Eremo servicios

Social media

Creating long-term online communities is our primary goal, with real interactions and professional, quality and unique content that responds to the organization's objectives. No posting for the sake of posting.

audiovisual Agencia Eremo servicios


Do you feel that not all the work and impact of what you do is always fully reflected? We understand. We know how to tell stories with every photo and every video.

email marketing Agencia Eremo servicios

Email marketing

Keeping donors and partners informed of activities and impact is vital. Email is a fundamental tool and more alive than ever.

diseno grafico Agencia Eremo servicios

Graphic design

In design, first impressions count...way more than we can imagine. If a visitor comes across your image for the first time and this one is inconsistent, they will quickly overlook it, or worse, they won't trust you. We use the most current practices to make the design look and work well.

diseno editorial Agencia Eremo servicios

Editorial design

Digital and physical magazines, stationery and brochures, merchandising and signage. Calling the attention and highlighting what is most important helps us to get the key message across in the way we want it to.

formación Agencia Eremo servicios


We aim to sustain communication internally over time. Therefore, we provide support and training to volunteers, helping them to create systems, processes and learn new skills.

asesorías Agencia Eremo servicios


There are projects that require strategic and consulting support to accompany growth and communication. It is the option designed for those who cannot cover the costs of a 360° and monthly support.